Empowering and Inspiring America's Citizens

Empowering and Inspiring America's Citizens


MILLENNIUM's mission is to empower and inspire America's citizens with an independent, informative, and interpretive perspective of today’s world.

We curate the best journalism and podcasts from media sources across the ideological spectrum into an engaging weekly digest, every edition featuring one major news story from each of the following topics: World News, US News, Politics, Business, and Culture.

Each synopsis is based on a compilation of noteworthy articles and podcasts, carefully chosen for their content and clarity, regardless of viewpoint. By contextualizing the same news story through various media lenses, we provide a balanced perspective that is difficult to find elsewhere.

In short, MILLENNIUM is a modern, digital publication that is:

  • Independent - Explaining news stories from multiple points of view
  • Informative - Providing context in an objective and unbiased manner
  • Interpretive - Analyzing current events from a historical or cultural standpoint

As we continue to expand, upcoming features will include: original articles and podcasts about news events and civic issues, previews and reviews of new books and films that tackle social or cultural topics, and community features and online discussions to involve readers in the conversation.

And we're just getting started!


With the soul of a mission-driven nonprofit and the spirit of a business venture, MILLENNIUM has a funding model as unique as the publication itself. Our objective is to keep the content free and refrain from cluttering the site with advertising, so the best way to grow and sustain this social enterprise is to harness the power of individuals. Therefore, the Millennium Membership Program is a way for readers to make a recurring financial contribution to our organization.

This membership program allows individuals to choose one of three different amounts to contribute monthly to support our mission to empower and inspire America's citizens.

Regardless of the amount you are able to contribute, all members receive the following benefits:

  • Our weekly journal, featuring the best journalism and podcasts from the week’s most important news, delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Unlimited access to our full archive of published article and editions.
  • Advance access to original articles and podcasts before they’re published.
  • Exclusive access to community features and online discussions.
  • Quarterly newsletter highlighting MILLENNIUM’s growth and the impact of your contribution to our mission.


Above all, your contribution will ensure this publication continues to grow, is available for free to everyone, and fulfills our mission of empowering and inspiring America's citizens with an independent, informative, and interpretive perspective of today's world.

Thank you for whatever support you can provide to assist us in achieving our mission!

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” - Steve Jobs

Keith Veverka, Founder & Editor

As a social studies educator for 25 years, I'm fascinated by the cultural and historical significance of current events. Since news stories are the first draft of history, this publication allows us to make sense of today’s headlines in the context of tomorrow’s history. Join me as we examine these extraordinary times together.

Questions? Contact me at editor@millenniumdigest.com.