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Podcast Companion - November 5th

Our guide to the week’s best podcasts.
Podcast Companion - November 5th

The Daily, published five days a week by the New York Times, is one of the best news and information podcasts available.

Here are three episodes from this week:

Twitter in a Time of Elon Musk - What comes next for the social media giant now that it’s under the stewardship of the wealthiest person in the world?

The Man Who Tried to Kidnap Nancy Pelosi - Investigators have released details that paint a frightening story of what happened in the attack at the speaker’s home.

Why the Supreme Court Might End Affirmative Action - A blockbuster case about race-conscious admissions programs in higher education could reshape American life.

In the Bulwark Podcast, Charlie Sykes and guests discuss the latest news from inside Washington and around the world. Their tagline: No shouting, grandstanding, or sloganeering. Conservative, conscientious, and civil.

Here is an episode from this week:

Bart Gellman: The Impeachment of Joe Biden - If Republicans win the House, MAGA voters will expect Republicans to impeach Biden, and Trump will demand it. The rationale won’t even matter — and other administration officials are likely to be impeached as well. Bart Gellman, staff writer for the Atlantic, joins Charlie Sykes today.

Post Reports is the Washington Post's daily podcast, featuring unparalleled reporting, expert insight and clear analysis, every weekday afternoon.

Here is an episode from this week:

An Election to Upend Elections - Today on Post Reports, we look at how voting is going across the country, what to expect on Tuesday, and what the results of the midterm election could mean for how future elections are run.

Axios Today's tagline is "Start your morning with news that matters in just 10 minutes." Host Niala Boodhoo and a team of award-winning journalists bring you insights into the most important news of the day and interesting stories you won’t hear anywhere else.

Several of this week's episodes are worth a listen and include topics ranging from the Unknown of the midterm elections, Biden's democracy warning, Christian nationalism on the campaign trail, Finding the truth on Twitter, and the Attack on Paul Pelosi.

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