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Mixed Results for Both Parties from Primaries Held in Five States

Both political parties experience mixed results in their respective primaries as voters cast ballots in five states.
Mixed Results for Both Parties from Primaries Held in Five States

Former President Donald Trump's high-profile endorsements had mixed results on Tuesday night, in the broadest test of his appeal, and progressives appear to have had a strong showing, though some races had yet to be called early Wednesday morning, reports CBS News.

In one of the biggest upsets of the night, CBS News projects Chuck Edwards will win the primary for the 11th Congressional District, defeating incumbent Rep. Madison Cawthorn.

Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Kentucky, Idaho and Oregon primary results (CBS News)

Excerpt from CBS News: Five states had primary contests Tuesday. One of the most closely watched races, the GOP primary for a Senate seat in Pennsylvania is still too close to call, with Trump-endorsed Mehmet Oz holding a slight edge over David McCormick. Democrats chose progressive John Fetterman over moderate Conor Lamb to take on the GOP nominee in November. In the state's gubernatorial race, CBS News projects far-right Doug Mastriano will win. Democrats have united behind Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who did not face a primary challenger. 
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According to FiveThirtyEight, progressives came up short in several primaries yesterday, such as North Carolina’s 1st and 4th districts, but wins in Oregon’s 5th and Pennsylvania’s 12th would salvage the night for them.

At least 28 candidates who reject or question the results of the 2020 election won Republican primaries last night — most notably for Pennsylvania governor, an office that could have the power to overturn the 2024 presidential election, writes FiveThirtyEight.

What Went Down During The May 17 Primary Elections (FiveThirtyEight)

Excerpt from FiveThirtyEight: Trump’s endorsement record is still coming into focus, too. On one hand, two of Trump’s endorsed candidates for Senate, House or governor lost their primaries yesterday — as many as lost in the entire 2020 cycle! But on the other hand, his candidates still prevailed in major races such as North Carolina’s Senate and 13th District primaries. And if Oz pulls out a win, it will be a pretty convincing demonstration of his power within the GOP considering the massive amount of money spent by McCormick and the grassroots appeal of Barnette.
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In one of the most intensely covered races of the 2022 season, retiring Sen. Pat Toomey’s Senate seat is seen as a pickup opportunity for Democrats. The Democratic winner of that primary, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, had a procedure on Tuesday to implant a pacemaker after suffering a stroke last week.

The announcement that Fetterman would have the procedure came just hours before polls were set to close in Pennsylvania, where he has had a sizable lead in the polls to win the Democratic nomination in the state’s U.S. Senate primary, according to Politico.

News of Fetterman's stroke came too late to affect the outcome of the primary, but experts wonder what impact, if any, this may have on his campaign moving forward.

Pennsylvania Senate candidate Fetterman has heart procedure after stroke (Politico)

Excerpt from Politico: "John Fetterman is about to undergo a standard procedure to implant a pacemaker with a defibrillator," his campaign said in a statement on Tuesday. "It should be a short procedure that will help protect his heart and address the underlying cause of his stroke, atrial fibrillation (A-fib), by regulating his heart rate and rhythm." His campaign said later in the day that the procedure was successful and lasted roughly two and a half hours.
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