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My mission with MILLENNIUM is to empower readers with an independent, informative, and interpretive perspective of the week’s most important news.

I'm fifty years old, and I've been a registered independent my entire life. I lean liberal or conservative depending on the issue, and I've voted for Republicans and Democrats. 40% percent of America is like me, and we far outnumber the percentage of the population that identifies with a political party.

For this reason, independents decide elections. And elections impact all of us.

The media has a powerful influence on how we gather and interpret information. Whether print, radio, or broadcast, all media outlets have a bias. While some are centrist in their reporting and analysis, most journalism leans to the right or left. People typically choose their preferred outlets and consume most of their news and commentary from these sources. I am attempting something different.  

I curate the best journalism and podcasts from media sources across the ideological spectrum into an engaging weekly digest, every edition featuring one major news story from each of the following topics: World News, US News, Politics, Business, and Culture.

Each synopsis is based on a compilation of noteworthy articles and podcasts, carefully chosen for their content and clarity, regardless of viewpoint. By contextualizing the same news story through various media lenses, MILLENNIUM provides a balanced perspective that is difficult to find elsewhere.

My sources include the Associated Press, Atlantic, BBC, Guardian, New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal as well as Axios, Newsweek, NPR, Politico, Reuters, and TIME.

In my experience with writing over 200 articles during the past several months, I have found these sources to be the most well-written, well-researched, and well-regarded of all the media outlets.

They represent both liberal and conservative biases, and although you may not agree with a certain point of view, MILLENNIUM's curated stories always include more than one source. Any article that appears too partisan or biased is immediately dismissed from my research.

My goal with MILLENNIUM is a modern, digital publication that is:

  • Independent - Explaining news stories from multiple points of view
  • Informative - Providing context in an objective and unbiased manner
  • Interpretive - Analyzing current events from a historical or cultural standpoint

With this objective in mind, I also write original commentary about the week's current events from an independent-minded perspective using a topic’s historical or cultural significance as my guide.

As a social studies educator for 25 years, I know the importance of history in helping us understand our present … as well as our future.

I hope these articles are enlightening and thought-provoking and offer a perspective that is unique from the other media we consume.

Welcome to MILLENNIUM.

Keith Veverka, Founder & Editor

As a social studies educator for 25 years, I'm fascinated by the cultural and historical significance of current events. Since news stories are the first draft of history, this publication allows us to make sense of today’s headlines in the context of tomorrow’s history. Join me as we examine these extraordinary times together.

Questions? Contact me at editor@millenniumdigest.com.